Lupe’s career involved the oversight of Capital Improvement Projects and Land Development management, serving several cities in the Inland Empire. This involved fiscal budgets, planning, programming, project construction multi-million-dollar projects, complex analysis, and multi-agency coordination and collaboration.

During our tenure in the Budget Advisory Committee, her knowledge and expertise were invaluable.

Lupe brought the operations of Public Works to the forefront and highlighted how badly contractors to the City of Rialto were completing projects that involved our new builds and road maintenance.  As always, with documentation and analysis done on her own time.

She inquired about monies placed in accounts for future developments in the City’s budget (DIP) with concern about their periodic review and, potentially, a better application of those funds.

During the last two years, I have come to know Lupe Camacho to be passionate about the City of Rialto, in which she lives and raises her family.  I have seen her stand before the City Council to speak on issues that impact the future of our City’s projects and roads for the betterment of the whole.  She freely shares her knowledge acquired working for the surrounding cities as Associate Engineer and Manager. She upholds that citizens have the right to speak during public meetings.

She shares her concerns about how our City government spends our tax dollars.  She is knowledgeable and proactive on State and Federal programs that award funds to small cities.

She has led the 2020 Census for the Federal Government in San Bernardino County and knows the laws of conduct for a public servant.

Lupe has the heart, concern for all citizens of Rialto, and the professional expertise to be Mayor.  In this world of bureaucracy, she has integrity.

I will be voting for Lupe Camacho on November 3rd.

Robin Austin

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