Thank you for visiting my website. Please take a minute and see why I am the best candidate for Rialto's Mayoral position.

Lupe Camacho for Rialto Mayor - Plan of Action

Yes, a Very Conservative Democrat. 

No, I cannot support all of the lies. 

I have over 20 years of experience working inside many cities in the Inland Empire as a CIP Engineering Manager. I am extremely knowledgeable of City Budgets, Policies and Procedures. I have knowledge and experience with state, federal and local procurement of funding as well as the working methodology for cities to partner with private businesses.

No, I don’t believe that turning our PD to Sheriff would be a good idea. I have worked for 2 other cities who did that during the time I worked for them, and I immediately began to hear complaints from residents regarding the decrease in police response time. I also witnessed vandalism increase on construction projects, of all things. My contractors had lots of materials and machinery stolen after the local PD was turned over to the Sheriff.

With my professional work experience, it is one of the strongest knowledge and skill set that I possess. I would move forward in the implementation of policies that would establish checks and balances to ensure that what we pay for is what is being constructed on our roads. The lack of checks and balances is the reason we are where we are with our roads and infrastructure overall. The current system does not have as a policy a requirement those checks and balances to secure our budgets (taxpayer money) and oversight to guarantee quality construction control.

I have the most number of years of experience working directly with and for city government and am intimately knowledgeable in city government policies, procedures, and budgets. I am also the only candidate who has not cost the City of Rialto taxpayer money in litigation. Quite the contrary, I volunteered for the Budget Advisory Committee in 2017 and worked diligently alongside other committed residents and staff to provide a final report to the Council Board on Budget Cost-Saving Recommendations and Budget Revenue Generation Recommendations. I have also chaired the City of Rialto Census Complete Count Committee and spearheaded the efforts for our city to achieve a full count of our residents, ensuring increased federal funding for our city infrastructure, children’s education, and community assistance programs for the next ten years.

No, I have never held public office, but I am a lifelong public servant and as a Civil Servant Engineer, I have been and continue to be committed to serving the community and bettering the quality of life for all residents. This career-long experience and knowledge in serving the community on a professional and personal level are what makes me qualified to be Mayor of the City of Rialto.

I hope to repair our broken streets and improve our drainage infrastructure to alleviate our yearly flooding problems. I plan on setting up policies that can act as checks and balances for all of our projects, ensuring we are getting quality materials and workmanship on all contracted services. I hope to increase the communication and input of residents by implementing a robust community engagement program with standing community meetings with translation available for our Spanish speaking residents. I hope to begin a conversation and plan of action towards building a new city hall for our residents and staff.

I have been chosen as the recommended mayoral candidate of the Chicano Latino Caucus of San Bernardino County.

I was hired by the U.S. Census Bureau as a Partnership Specialist in early 2019 and was promoted to Lead of San Bernardino County by July 2019. Then I was promoted to Lead our entire region (San Bernardino, Riverside, and Imperial Counties) in February 2020 and due to my high performance in leading the Census Team (35 fulltime staff) in three counties, I was offered an extension of my contract into FY 20-21 and will continue to lead the Census Efforts through the redistricting data dissemination for all three counties.

I will continue to be directly involved as a resident with all of the city’s challenges. I plan to continue to attend council meetings and submit again, my application to volunteer to serve on a committee as I have done so before but have not been selected by the Mayor. I am committed to improving our city and as residents, we must hold our elected officials accountable for their actions or lack of action towards improving our quality of life here in Rialto. I plan to stay vigilant and pro-active in offering my services and expertise to the council and the community at large, in the hope that it will be utilized to better our city and the life of our residents.